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Urgent Shipments
Urgent Shipments

Considering that half of all businesses lose money on shipping, the place where they stand to lose the most is on rushed shipments. Whether you are a wholesaler shipping out to clients around the world or an office that makes specialty products, you’ll surely encounter issues with deadlines. Even if you have the best scheduling routine on the planet, urgent shipments come up.

When you realize it’s time to make urgent shipments, your next worry will probably be about cost. An inexpensive courier company might offer a great deal but you’ll also have to ensure that they can reliably deliver on your customers’ deadline.

You need to organize your thoughts and your workflow when you’ve got urgent shipments to make. Follow these 5 steps to ensure that your next rush orders arrive without the slightest hiccup.

1. Streamline Your Workflow

Before you get hit with a bunch of rush orders, you need to take a sober look at your shipping workflow. Every step of your ordering, picking, packing, and shipping process could probably use room for improvement. See which steps could be helped by automation and which might be hurt by it.

Measure efficiency not only in how many orders go out the door but also by how many orders are processed incorrectly. A slower process might be what works for you or it could disrupt your staff.

If you’re paying big money for rush shipping but also spending money to replace inaccurate orders, balance your sheets to see where you could make adjustments.

Ultimately, you want to make life easier for your team so that you can fulfill orders efficiently without mistakes. Urgent shipments that are also inaccurate will cost more than a shipment that arrives a day late with everything your customers expect to receive.

2. Make A Hierarchy of Urgency

If you’re inundated with 10 big shipments that need to go out 10 minutes ago, you need a way to measure which one gets top priority. A quick assessment of each customer’s profit potential, your history with them, and how much you’ve spent on that lead is very important.

While you might think you should prioritize a large order by a new customer than a small order from another customer, think again. A small order from a customer that cost you thousands to close with needs to be treated seriously. At the very least, you need to recoup the expenses you paid for getting that client.

There should also be products and promotions that take precedence over others. If you’ve just given a deep discount to 20 customers who need urgent shipments and a few that paid full price, put your full price customers first. When you get a big discount on an item, you’re more likely to chalk up a slower shipment as the price you pay for a great deal.

3. Understand The Services and Fees

Before you send out a bunch of heavy orders in a rush, take a look at the schedule of fees your delivery company charges. You might need to talk to someone from the accounting department to make sense of it, but it’s important to dissect everything.

You don’t want your shipper to be sneaking in some extra charges with your urgent shipments. If you have a tight budget, this can be a killer for your company. Make sure you also keep good records to compare.

You need to go with a shipping company that is clear about extra charges. Failing to account for them can destroy your bottom line. Get your shipping provider on the phone to see what they can offer and have them go through each fee line by line.

Working with a great courier means that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with each itemized fee.

4. Pack Properly

While this might be a no-brainer, the way that you pack your shipments can have a big effect on cost for your company.

If you’re using expensive packing materials, see where you could be cutting corners. If you have a standard size of your products, you could get boxes that fit your products tightly, requiring fewer packing materials from you. If you’re using expensive packing peanuts or cushion materials, look into alternatives.

Don’t risk your products to save money, however. This will come back to bite you for sure. Poorly packed shipments will result in damaged items and returns.

You could end up losing thousands of dollars from returns per month, much more than an extra hundred in packing materials would cost. Run some tests so you know how much you can get away with.

5. Look At Your Own Quotes

Are you charging your customers enough for shipping? Shipping prices can be a huge turnoff for customers. Including shipping in the price of your product could be the way to offer free shipping and attract customers.

When it comes to urgent shipments, you can’t always include shipping or you might take a huge bite out of your profit margin. However, if you’ve already lowered standard shipping fees to zero, the difference in price might be acceptable to your clients. Run a few promotions to see what kind of effect free standard shipping has on your sales.

You might be surprised at how much of an edge free shipping can give you, even if the price of your products goes up.

Urgent Shipments Done Right Bring In Returns

If you come through for your customers at the 11th hour, you’ll build serious brand loyalty from them. Customers who feel like they can rely on you even when they’re under stress will stick with your company through thick and thin. Offer a steady stream or promotions and discounts and you could see big returns.

If you’re looking for other ways to build your customer base with a strong shipping program, contact us today.

on-demand delivery
on-demand delivery

Don’t have time to wait three to five business days for your package to be delivered? Don’t even have time for rush two-day shipping? Chances are you’re in need of on-demand delivery. On-demand delivery is exactly what it sounds like. With the ability to order and receive your package in just a few hours notice, this speed of delivery enables both businesses and individuals to get the items they need exactly when they need it.

Wondering why you should try on-demand delivery? Below, we’ve included seven reasons to have your package delivered whenever you demand it. Read on to learn more and try it out for yourself.

1. Greater Peace of Mind

If you’ve just shelled out major cash for an important, fragile, or rare purchase, you don’t want to run the risk of the item being mishandled by typical delivery services or even lost in the mail altogether.

Instead, on-demand delivery takes away the anxiety and provides you with greater peace of mind. When you know your item is in the capable hands of an experienced delivery person and is making its way to you at that very moment, you can trust that the item will be delivered in great condition and on time.

When your item is the sole responsibility of a delivery person assigned to the task, you can trust that it will make its way to you with absolutely no hassle at all.

2. Last-Minute Delivery Needs

Life happens, and unforeseen circumstances arise. What happens on your wedding day if you realize you completely forgot to buy a pair of shoes? Or what happens if your paper business completely runs out of ink?

When purchasing from retailers across town or across the world, sometimes it’s just not possible to run to the store and get the item you need. You may not have time, or they may not carry the specific brand of item you need.

When you encounter last-minute delivery needs, this is where on-demand delivery service comes in.

3. Reach Local Customers

One of the best ways to reach the market around you is to offer on-demand delivery options to local customers. Maybe you’re a florist who is happy to beat out the big names for customers located in your surrounding area. Or maybe you simply want more exposure in the region your business is located. Whatever the case, having on-demand delivery as part of the equation can be a game changer — both for your business and for your customers.

4. Solve Problems Quickly

Have you run into a major hang-up at home or at the office? Ordering from that big-name corporation may solve your issue…but it won’t solve it today. Instead, try an on-demand service. Let’s say your microwave oven goes out on the same day you’re having friends over for appetizers you need to cook in said oven. Don’t let the party be ruined — just have another replacement oven delivered on demand.

You won’t even have to leave your house to go shop for one. It’s like having a magic genie wave their wand and all your headaches are gone. Why wait days to have your problem solved? Get the items you need when you need them, and receive same-day resolutions to the problems you encounter.

5. Impulse Buys

Need that unique item, and need it today? On-demand buying makes it possible. In today’s world of online shopping and instant gratification, people want to make impulse purchases and then be able to use or hold it that very same day.

Delivery on demand gives you this ability. You can make an impulse buy and then not have to wait days and days to be able to enjoy it. With an on-demand service, you really can have your cake and eat it that very same day.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Want to make your customers really impressed and overjoyed with your business? A perk like on-demand delivery is the way to go. Can you imagine how you’d feel if you ordered something online and it showed up at your door in a matter of hours?

That “wow” factor is the same thing you want your customers to experience. Offering an unusual delivery speed like this places you above the competition and presents you as a trendsetter in your industry. Why would your customers order from the competition if they know you’ll be knocking at their door the same day they order something from you?

7. Increased Productivity

Let’s say you’re trying out a new kind of ingredient for your restaurant. You order from a supplier and the spice or tool takes up to five business days to arrive. It doesn’t work out for you, so it’s on to the next one to try.

You go through this process again and again, and before you know it, you’ve spent weeks or even months in a trial and error phase, trying to find the right fit.

This exact process could apply to any business or consumer. That’s no way to do business! Having so much time between ordering an item and having it in your possession is a rapid way to drive your productivity levels in the ground.

If you’re always waiting for the item you need in order to do your job, you will never be able to put in the daily grind and get the results you want.

Delivery on-demand takes away this hassle and puts your productivity back into your hands with minimal downtime and the ability to make rapid decisions for your home or business. Not having to worry about how your items will get to you and when they’ll get to you allows you to focus on what matters.

Looking For On-Demand Delivery?

If you’re ready to try on-demand delivery for yourself or for your business, we are here to help. We’re available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in figuring out the logistics of on-demand delivery.

If you need a rush courier and need it now, browse our site to get a quote. Our fast walkers and delivery vans are standing at the ready!


white glove delivery
white glove delivery

Many companies are starting to talk about white glove delivery. However, few people really understand what this new type of delivery actually involves. Nowadays many people expect high-standard customer service and timely delivery of goods. But delivery services that claim offer white glove services are about going that extra mile to offer customers an exceptional delivery experience.

Do you want to find out more about white glove delivery? Keep reading to learn more about the best quality delivery service out there.

Why White Gloves?

Many people are confused about what why this high-quality service is called white glove. But the term is very useful to understanding what’s involved in the service.

According to online dictionaries, white glove refers to “meticulous” and “spotless”.

But white glove services are not just about putting on a pair of white gloves to deliver you the items you ordered.

But people wear white gloves when taking extra care handling delicate and valuable items. You may have seen this in movies when it comes to reading antique books or handling evidence at a crime scene.

This is a useful way to think about white glove delivery as well. This is because white glove services involves carrying out the delivery process with extra special care.

Expectations of White Glove Delivery

A good way to understand white glove services is providing a delivery service that exceeds normal expectations. This requires professional delivery services that add value to what they offer to make sure the recipient receives the greatest customer service.

Let’s take a look at what you should expect when you request white glove standard delivery:

1. Customer Service

Any recipient should always know that they have received a special service. If they don’t notice the difference between a white glove and normal delivery service, something isn’t right.

2. Track Your Delivery

Delivery services also provide customers with the opportunity to track the progress of the delivery. You can usually view the progress of your goods at every stage of the process with online tracking tools.

3. No Stress

At every stage of the delivery process, the customer should experience absolutely no stress. This means everything from ordering the goods to receiving the goods at the chosen location.

4. Always on Time

This should be a basic requirement of any delivery service. However, this is even more important when it comes to white glove. If the delivery service keeps the customer waiting or disrupts the day, this isn’t meeting the high expectations of the service.

5. Set Up and Install

White glove services don’t stop when the goods are dropped off outside the residence of the customer. In many cases, white glove delivery requires staff to place the item wherever the customer requests. This probably also involves setting up the product for customer’s use, such as a television or an item of furniture.

6. Removal of Any Packaging

The customer shouldn’t be left with the problem of disposing off any excess packaging from the delivery of the goods. Instead, this should always be taken away by the delivery service. This should then be disposed of appropriately.

7. Return Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with the goods they have received, white glove services offer customers the chance to return the goods. This could be in exchange for another item, or full compensation.

It’s important to inquire whether this is possible before you purchase any items.

8. Opportunity for Feedback

No white glove service is complete with the opportunity for feedback.

If a customer has any concerns or complaints, they can help to improve the overall service.

Customer feedback allows the delivery service to immediately rectify any problems the customer has experienced.

Which Items Need White Glove Delivery?

Now that we’ve established the expectations that come with white glove delivery, we have to go through which items should be delivered white glove style.

Professional standards should be adhered to regardless of the size or fragility of the package.

But some goods require greater care in the delivery process than others. For instance, the delivery of a package of clothes requires no extra attention. Whereas, when delivering valuable and fragile jewelry white glove services may be essential.

It may not be because of the fragility of a particular package, but instead of the sheer size of the item.

Unless the customer has a vehicle to transport large items, such as furniture, they may require white glove standard delivery. The item also determines which type of transport is required. For example, if the item needs to be delivered through narrow roads then this needs to be considered when selecting the transport.

A Customer-Oriented Approach

White glove services involve providing the best possible service for every customer.

This means that delivery staff, such as drivers, need to be trained in white glove professional standards.

Customers should trust the delivery services as though they were handling the delivery themselves. Of course, without any of the stress for the customer.

White glove delivery should also be affordable for the customer. A customer-oriented approach requires prices to set at a competitive and affordable rate.

Get a Quote!

Are you looking for the best quality service to deliver your items? With white glove delivery services, you can be sure your items are delivered on time with excellent customer service too.

Get a quote today to find out more about how much it will cost for your item to be delivered with white glove delivery.


Have you ever had a time when you needed to have something delivered immediately? Like a document or maybe even a product you sell? When you sell products to local clients, it makes sense to have a means to deliver it to them right away. After all, they’re in the same city or state, so why should they have to wait days to get it in the mail? Imagine the brownie points you can earn by delivering a product to the doorstep of a customer the very same day. This would take your brand to a whole other level – up an beyond your competitors. But since you may lack the finances to hire your own in-house team delivery crew, there’s one other option. You can work with a same day courier service.

If you’ve never considered hiring one, then here are the top 10 reasons why you should.

1. Make Life Easier for Your Customers

This is our first point because it’s probably the most important. Making life easier for your customers should always remain a top priority. So to make ordering products from your company more convenient, you can offer same day shipping.

And what better way to pull this off than with a same day courier service? This beats two-day shipping and even overnight shipping. Within hours, your customers can have their new product in-hand without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

2. Minimize Vehicle Expenses

By hiring a same day courier service, you can reduce the costs of operating your business vehicles. And since they’re not driven as often, the costs for fuel, repairs and maintenance are also low.

3. Focus on the Core of Your Business

As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to fret about having something delivered within hours. If you don’t already have your own in-house delivery team, you can resort to same day courier services.

This way, your customers can get the product the same day versus waiting overnight or a couple of days to receive it.

Now, your focus can stay on the core functions of running your business.

4. Save More Money

Cutting costs is inevitable in the world of business. It’s important to find areas of your company where you can minimize overhead, so you can spend more in areas that are more profitable.

If you currently have an in-house delivery team, then you are wasting a ton of money when you don’t have to. For instance, you have to pay payroll taxes, overtime pay, employee benefits, paid time off and sick leave, as well as worker’s compensation.

You can avoid these expenses when you outsource to a courier service.

Also, you can eliminate or significantly reduce your fleet, if their sole purpose is to make deliveries.

5. Reduce Liability and Risks

What happens if one of your in-house delivery drivers gets into an accident? And worse, is at fault? The liability falls back on your company and its insurance provider.

This is a real headache to deal with and can significantly hurt your company financially. So to avoid this, you can get rid of your in-house drivers and focus on using courier services.

By doing this, you can relay the liability and risks to the courier service provider.

6. No Need to Deal with Training and Certificates

Consistently training your personnel is key to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. This means you have to continue training and certifying your in-house drivers to provide high-quality delivery services.

Training and certificates aren’t free and require you to pay out of your company’s pocket. Again, you can avoid this when you outsource to couriers. They handle all the training and re-certifying instead.

7. Have Packages Delivered Anytime

You can’t expect your in-house delivery drivers to transport packages for you at 3 am on a Sunday. However, some same day couriers will do just that.

They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And they’ll pick up and drop off your goods no matter if it’s the weekend, a holiday or late in the evening.

This can be very useful when you have emergency packages that require immediate delivery. For instance, a legal document that can’t be faxed. Or a medication for a sickly patient.

8. Specialized Delivery Services

Some couriers offer more than just your typical delivery services. For instance, they may also provide last flight out services to ensure your package arrives in the nick of time. And some offer legal process serving for court documents.

White glove delivery services can also be obtained from certain same day couriers.

Surely, you can find great use in these type of services, especially if you work in the legal or medical field. However, other businesses may benefit from these as well.

9. Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the goal of every business. And what better way to achieve this than with same day delivery of a much-needed product? For example, you’re a retail store or boutique with a fashion designer customers, requiring a specific garment right away.

Delivering this right to their doorstep within minutes or hours can really boost your credibility and their loyalty.

It’s a great way to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

10. Use It Only When You Need It

Since you don’t have to pay for an in-house team, you only have to worry about paying when you absolutely need same day courier services.

This is beneficial to your bottom line, as well as appeasing customers. Once you find a reliable courier service, you can put your mind at ease that your goods will always arrive quickly and safely.

Get a Same Day Courier Service You Can Count On

As a business, your goal is to ensure customer satisfaction. And that’s exactly what we take pride in at ASAP Courier. We offer white glove deliveries to all of our clients to ensure their goods are handled with care.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a document or couch delivered, we’ve got you covered. We offer services that include pre-scheduled routed deliveries, rush courier & on demand, warehousing, air freight, refrigerated services and last mile home delivery.

If you’d like to learn more about our service, feel free to contact us today for a free estimate!