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Eco-Friendly Packaging and the Growth of Green Courier Businesses

June 24, 2020 Couriersame day logistics

Get this: the market for eco-friendly mailers is expected to jump by almost 6 percent in 2024. With so many making the switch to sustainable packaging, it’s no wonder why recycled shipping boxes are trending right now.

Are you interested in using biodegradable boxes for your online store?

Luckily, it’s easy to use eco-friendly packaging these days. All that it takes is a few simple steps to start your green courier business facebook videos downloaden ios app. Read more about environmentally friendly packaging below!

Eco-Friendly Packaging Guide

If you want to convert your online business to a green courier one, you’re in good company. No matter how long ago you started your business, it is never too late to go green. That being said, here is what you should keep in mind in terms of eco-friendly packaging. 

First of all, you’ve got to ditch the plastic and choose paper. While it may be hard to avoid this entirely, it is always a better option to pick paper packaging if possible. That’s because it’s a biodegradable and renewable resource windows 8.1 datenträgerabbild herunterladen.

Speaking of paper, be sure to choose Forest Stewardship Council-certified packaging while you’re at it. We highly recommend buying Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper packaging because it is:

  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Socially responsible
  • Economically viable

How can you beat that?

Moving forward, another smart option is to choose packaging that contains non-toxic or safe dyes. Not only are traditional dying and bleaching methods harmful for you, but they are also toxic to the environment Buy or playstation games. That’s why you should choose soy, non-toxic, or natural dyes instead.

Pro tip – it is much easier to recycle soy-based paper products as well!

Additionally, we suggest that you use acid-free paper packaging. Since acid is so strong, it often makes paper fade as time goes on. So, buying acid-free packaging products guarantees that your paper will last stronger and longer than your old go-to. Besides this, you’ll never have to be concerned about acid leaching onto your inventory again.

In the meantime, you could also avoid using excess materials in your packaging process schriften für gimp herunterladen. From leftover wrap products to fabric scraps, there are lots of alternative recyclable products to use.

Now, managing your inventory shipping process and making it more sustainable should be easy!

Synthetic Packaging Alternatives

On top of all of the sustainable packaging options out there, there are also synthetic packaging alternatives. Although biodegradable plastic doesn’t exactly live up to its name, you can still find a few options out there that are biodegradable.

For example, you can swap Styrofoam, which is not recyclable, with corn foam, which breaks down naturally windows 10 jetzt herunterladen. It is also:

  • Backyard compostable
  • Edible
  • Water dissolvable

Crazily enough, there are even packaging solutions that are made out of mushrooms. These are flame-resistant, water-resistant, and custom fit to suit your products too.

Ever heard of a compostable polybag?

This unique packaging material is made to break down in your backyard compost. You can also buy plastic packaging bags that are made from cassava starch. Bonus points for composting them in your backyard.

It gets better youtube filme downloaden erlaubt. Whether you need pet waste or trash bags, you can easily purchase ones that are made from natural resin, vegetable polymers, and cassava root. But here’s the catch – prepare to buy in bulk when buying any of these synthetic packaging options.

Check this out. When it comes to the polybag world, compostable mailers are making a huge splash. Besides this, they are printable, stackable, rideable, durable, and waterproof. Not to mention that compostable mailers are way more stretchy than their original counterparts.

Here is what compostable mailers are made of musiken ipod. While some are crafted from a bio-based polymer called PBAT, others are made of PLA. Don’t worry – these are just fancy words for things like wheat straw and field corn.

Most of these alternative packaging options are compostable within three months. When they degrade, they don’t leave anything harmful behind either! 

The Growth of Green Courier Businesses

Thanks to the growth of online shopping, there is more demand than ever for the shipping sector to deliver straight to your door. With more customers relying on this service, there are more concerns about its environmental impact as well. This explains why businesses are looking for shipping options that are eco-friendly to reduce their impact on the world emoticons gratis downloaden.

To grow your green business, encourage your clients to “go green” when they checkout on your site. Instead of your customers ordering everything at once and having it shipped at different times, there is a better option out there.

Ask your clients to hold on until they’re finished shopping to place an order. That way, you can ship all other products at the same time in a more sustainable manner. Plus, chances are that your clientele will feel great about making a positive impact on the environment too.

Although your clients may have to wait a little longer for their delivery, you can offer something to make it worth their while like:

  • Shipping discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Coupons for their next purchase

Here is the best part sony alpha 6000 apps. Once you make these simple, eco-friendly changes, the environment will thank you for it!

Is Eco-Friendly Packaging Right for You?

You might be wondering: is eco-friendly packaging right for you?

The short answer is yes. If you want to make the switch to sustainable packaging, it’s not as hard as you think. When you choose paper over plastic, you’ll see how stress-free it is to choose renewable and biodegradable products over toxic ones.

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