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Parcel shipping services have risen to $99 billion in recent years thanks to the growth of e-commerce. Many businesses are turning to alternative courier options to reduce shipping costs. One key factor they look for these days is a package tracking system technology that a courier can offer.  Accurate tracking cannot only satisfy customers but also reduce […]



A nonprofit business drives itself to ruin when it cannot bring its products and services to where they need to go. Without a proper system for delivery, any organization cannot expand and do what it intends to do. There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing a nonprofit can gain if they do it right. […]



The delivery courier service industry pulls in $70 billion every year. Ever wonder why? It’s not because of small item deliveries being overpriced, and definitely not because delivery times run slow.   It’s an option people trust when they need an item shipped to their door in little time as possible.  Whether you’re a small business or a […]



40 percent of online consumers expect same-day delivery, according to marketing veteran Khalid Saleh. Meanwhile, retail giants such as eBay are outlining plans to roll back same-day shipping to consumers. Big box retailers are challenged by offering fast shipping to attract business. This challenge increases for small- to medium-sized enterprises. According to Saleh, 96-percent of consumers […]



The artist, Hans Hofmann, once said, “Through a painting, we can see the whole world.” When we own a painting or are responsible for its care, we should bear this in mind. Whether it’s a piece of great art, a family treasure or the result of artistic endeavor, don’t let your paintings get damaged. Read on to learn […]



If you’re like most e-commerce stores, you rely on online shoppers and fast shipping to make your money.  A lot of factors can make your business more complicated. Flat rate boxes don’t have to be one of them. In fact, they can be a huge asset to your bottom line–if you know how to use […]


Air Cargo

Hazardous materials don’t always seem hazardous. Sometimes they can be simple household items, like batteries, paint, or sunscreen.  So what’s the best way to ship these items? It depends on what you’re shipping and how fast you need it to get to the recipient.  In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the process involved […]



Did you know that 63% of shoppers say the reason they backed out of a purchase was because the shipping charge was too high? Have you looked into your shipping costs and done everything you can to reduce them?  We bet you haven’t looked into inventory tracking. If we are right, then you are missing a big […]



Getting a miss-delivered package isn’t common, but it happens every now and then. This poses a difficult question: If you receive goods that you didn’t order, can you keep them? Many households across the country receive orders by home delivery that they didn’t order–or the wrong items. What do you do? Can you keep the […]



Does your business need same day delivery services on a regular basis? Are you on the hunt for courier delivery that will meet all of your needs? Every year, the Amazon websites ships more than 5 billion items. But how can you get the same quality of service that larger businesses do? If you’re in the market […]