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By 2025, it’s predicted that the US will send and deliver 25 billion packages per year.

The things you get delivered may be completely ordinary or out of the blue. And with so many packages exchanging hands, there’s bound to be a few that are bizarre windows update printer driver manually.

Curious what other people’s experiences have been? Then keep reading. We’ll tell you about 8 unusual courier experiences.

1. Delivering an Entire Building

Ok, the header’s misleading here. You’re envisioning a whole completely built property being impossibly stuffed into a courier bag and delivered to someone’s doorstep hangout app.

Instead, they were 50-pound packages of bricks. This was because W H Coltharp needed to build a bank. But he was trying to avoid paying hefty prices for transporting the bricks from Salt Lake City to the location by wagon freight.

By sending the bricks by post, he managed to save four times the amount he’d have to pay with wagon freight.

Of course, USPS quickly changed its legislation after this happened, as Coltharp took advantage of a loophole that was never meant to be there fehler beim herunterladen der killbit-list from omex-server.

2. More Brick Deliveries

It seems as if bricks are a popular thing for couriers to deliver.

In this story from the 1970s, a man named Abbie Hoffman got very annoyed with spam mail that’d land in his mailbox. To protest these things, he got very clever.

Taking note that most of these spam mail pieces came with prepaid postcards, he decided to take advantage of that herunterladen. He would attach a brick to these postcards and send them back to these companies.

Not only did they have to pay for the postage, but they’d also have to pay for excessive weight on those postcards.

3. A Strange Construction Order

One courier had the pleasure of starting off his job in a strange manner. At nighttime, he received an order for a hammer, a lamp, and…a 30-pack of Bud Light beer youtube videoen naar ipad.

The courier dutifully picked up everything and went to deliver it to the place of residence. The man who answered had a face shield on, as well as overalls that were splattered with paint.

Considering the man might’ve been building something in the house, the order seemed ordinary enough, except for the tall order of beer!

4. Delivering a Child

And no, we don’t mean “delivering a child” as in a doctor aiding a pregnant mother during childbirth. We actually mean delivering a child from point A to point B!

Back in 1914, deliveries had a weight limit of 50 pounds. 4-year-old May Piersrorff needed to go visit her grandmother, and her parents had the genius idea of “mailing” her instead of buying a regular train ticket for her.

This worked because she weighed 49 pounds! She got to go off to see her grandma by riding on the baggage car of a train.

If you’re thinking of doing this with your own children, you can forget about it. In 1920, it became illegal to mail kids.

5. Delivery of Illegal Drugs

Alright, we’ll admit this is another sensational header that probably won’t be as impressive as you think it is. Nevertheless, it’s still somewhat of an unusual type of delivery.

Some big courier names were found to deliver medications ordered from illegal online pharmacies. So while you imagined packets of heroin, cocaine, or other drugs being delivered discreetly to people, it’s not as dramatic as you’d think. It was parcels of insulin, heart medications, and other mundane medicines.

6. Sending a Dead Cat

This one might sound very strange, but when you hear the story behind it, it’s actually quite sweet.

There was a couple in Yorkshire, UK who owned a pet cat. But while they were on vacation, their beloved pet died, and they were devastated.

Because they never got to say a proper goodbye, they had the dead cat shipped to their holiday home (where they were staying) so they could do so and bury it there. Of course, a dead cat decomposes, so they needed courier services to get the body quick before it started deteriorating.

7. Shipping a Live Hamster

Here’s another animal courier story from England! And like the last story, this involves a family on vacation. But don’t worry, instead of a dead animal, there’s a live one in this one.

The family was originally from Essex, but they were taking a vacation in Devon. The person looking after the daughter’s hamster said it was very stressed out from being left alone at home, so the loving father looked around for a great courier service that would ensure the hamster’s well-being while being transported from Essex to Devon.

There’s actually no information if he actually found such a service, so there’s a chance the hamster never actually made this journey.

8. Transporting Sex Toys

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without a story of someone having sex toys shipped to them.

There was a couple in Derbyshire (another English town) who wanted a courier service to ship their sex toy collection from their old home to their new. Paranoid that the couriers would tamper with their toys (or God forbid, even try them out), they demanded that they’d be put in “tamper-proof boxes.”

Hope the Things You Get Delivered Aren’t This Strange

Now that you’ve had a good read (and laugh) about some unusual courier experiences, you can hope that the things you get delivered aren’t as strange.

The holidays are coming up, so with any luck, the only things you’ll get delivered to your doorstep are some amazing gifts you can enjoy for a while.

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